.reflection projection.

Judging another

is like

taking the Broom Of Condemnation and

heedlessly sweeping one’s own core-being –

only to reveal shards of Looking-Glass

beneath particles

of ignorance.


.missing the point.

Human nature

will fight to be understood.


human nature

is not well equipped to understand –

due to the fight.


.an honest appetite.

A true friend rejoices to hear your ‘No’ –

savours it,

praises it,

its nuances absorbing their senses.

For only then can a friend truly taste

your ‘Yes’.


.worn mirror.

If self-awareness

carries the assumption

that we see ourselves clearly,

can it not also

carry the assumption

that we see ourselves dimly,

with blind-spots?

Looking into the reflection

of a worn mirror.

Would not this realisation

move us to feel compassion for others

seeing them blinded by blind-spots?

What if this new self-awareness

led us to be humble?

Would not this kind of humility

be truly humane?